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Coach's Virtual Library
Welcome to PSA's ever growing virtual resource library. In the list below you will find documets, links and media. Some can be dowloaded instantly, while others must be borrowed from the PSA library. Below each title, click the download or request link to email the media owner. Paste the library title in the email request.  The media owner will reply to your request. If the email does not pre-poulate, send your request to VirtualLibrary@powhatansoccer.org .
Instructional Media
US Soccer Federation's "Best Practices" (PDF) - This document is designed to give youth and junior level coaches a basic set of ideas that can help open up the game of soccer to children in ways that celebrate the spontaneous qualities of soccer. It is not designed to give the coach the “secrets” of the game. There are no secrets. This is part of soccer’s beauty. This document represents a series of recommendations that have been compiled and reviewed by U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Education staff and the Men’s and Women’s National Team staffs. It presents a compilation of what U.S. Soccer considers to be an appropriate, comprehensive and responsible approach to developing sound soccer players.
EA SPORTS Interactive Training - EA SPORTS and U.S. Soccer have teamed up to introduce EA SPORTS Interactive Training, a free, online tutorial that uses EA SPORTS technology to help train the soccer stars of the future. This interactive resource employs the EA SPORTS soccer game engine to illustrate U.S. Soccer’s coaching book “Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States” which serves as the sport’s definitive player development guidelines.
US Youth Soccer Coaching Tip "Receiving Ground Balls" (youtube)
US Youth Soccer Coaching Tip "Shielding" (youtube)
US Youth Soccer Coaching Tip "How to Defend" (youtube)
64 Small-sided games (PDF) - These games are tried and tested with both grassroots beginners and top youth players in professional academies. The games are designed to stimulate the players and lead them down a path of learning. This manual brings the 4v4 concept into the new era and will develop your players in a fun, player-led environment.
Brazilian Goalkeeping Academy "Drills for Begining Goalkeepers" (DVD) - This specialist instructional DVD answers the question asked by many coaches, parents, and keepers at all levels "What sort of training is there for goalkeepers?" Drills for handling, diving, agility, crosses, catches, lobs, reflexes and pressure saves are demonstrated. Each drill is clearly explained and excellent coaching points are emphasized. EXCELLENT.

Sportskool Soccer (DVD) - Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Mia Hamm and world renowned coach Ian Sawyers instruct players on the importance of footwork and conditioning as well as the proper techniques for shooting, passing and more.


The Fundamentals of Soccer with “Stinky Shoe” and “Coach LaRoo” (DVD) - Have Fun and learn the fundamentals of soccer with this instructional, entertaining and inspiring program. Join Stinky Shoe and his pal Coach LaRoo, along with real-life kids and their coach, while they improve their soccer skills. "The Fundamentals of Soccer" promotes a positive attitude, good health, exercise, listening and practicing. When kids learn good sportsmanship, do their best and play within the rules, they develop many important skills for life! Running Time: 30 minutes.


ESPN VIDEOS “Let's Play Soccer” (DVD) - features a terrific instructional line-up: Home Improvement's Zachery Ty Bryan, offical youth ambassador for World Cup '94, John Harkes, US National Team member and Mia Hamm (the only one still famous). Learn from them tips on how to improve your (real world) Soccer game!

Coerver "A New Era" (DVD) - This disc teaches you about developing the core skills…Ball Mastery, Passing and Receiving and Moves 1V1. This disc shows you 11 Ball mastery drills, 15 Passing and Receiving Drills, over 30 1V1 Moves plus 15 Skill Drills.
Coerver "Make Your Move" Disc 1 (DVD) - This disc develops the Coerver Coaching Philosophy of Moves 1V1 and focuses in detail on the Changes of direction and Stops and Starts. When you watch this disc you'll know exactly how to perform these Change of Direction skills.
Coerver "Make Your Move" Disc 2 (DVD) - Coerver Coaching Co-Founder Charlie Cooke introduces the third section of the Moves familyFeints.  Watch this disc and you are going to know exactly how to perform these Feint skills…Scissors... Double Scissors... Scissors Step Over... Side Step... Double side Step... Step Over... Double Step Over... Step Over Pull Thru... Slap Step Over... Step Over Scissors... Step Flick. You also get 9 Feint skill drills. Use the drills to practice integrating these moves in your game. You'll learnhow,when and where you should consider using these moves.
How to coach young soccer players (DVD) - The ideal video for any first time parent/coach of very young soccer players. On-the-field practice sessions clearly explain and demonstrate how the parent/coach can teach basic soccer skills in a "learn and have fun" system. Interaction between the parent/coach and young children is emphasized - remember you are coaching young children, not young adults. Full of "how to" tips, fun games and basic skills.
Soccer Speed "Fast Feet, Fast Moves" (DVD) - Running speed (Without the ball) must be developed with technical speed (Running with the ball) if players and teams are to exploit weaknesses in the opposition.  Soccer Speed will work you through progressive training including foot speed, leg speed, running technique, bursts of speed, first step quickness, acceleration, change of direction, quick reaction, coordination, agility and balance- all without the ball. The ball will then be added to create innovative training with match-like activities that are easily introduced into the practice sessions for the individual player and the team.
Set Plays (2 DVD's) - Set Plays (set pieces, restarts, dead ball situations and all that stuff) are critical for the success of any player or team. The difference between winning and losing is often the successful execution of set play situations both on offense and defense. It has been calculated that as many as 40% of all goals scored are from set play situations. The DVDs utilize 3-D graphics and professional game footage featuring world class players and teams to thoroughly explain all teaching points.
NSCAA Soccer Tactics (2 DVD's) - The National Soccer Coaches Association of America presents Soccer Tactics- On The Attack and Defending To Win a two, 2-DVD set featuring twelve tactical training sessions led by NSCAA National Staff Coaches. Each training session has approximately 20 minutes of instruction and also contains Coaching Cues, giving you valuable insight on the various topics.
Documentaries and Matches
English Premier League “A Decade of Great Goals” (DVD) - The goal - that defining moment of a match, a season or even a career. Throughout the first decade of the F.A. Premier League, more than 10,000 goals have been scored by some of the greatest players ever to strike a soccer ball. In this 100 minute program you'll see just some of those goals - finished with breathtaking skill or dogged determination or sheer artistry, and sometimes all three!' The program contains a countdown of the ten best goals from the first ten years of the Premier League nominated by a panel of experts and voted by fans worldwide, culminating with the winning goal being crowned 'The Goal Of The Decade'.
Soccer Movies
Victory (DVD) - 1981 - This World War II drama set in a German POW camp follows prisoners hand-picked for a competition. Maj. Karl von Steiner (Max von Sydow), a former soccer player for the German national team, organizes a soccer match between Nazis and Allied prisoners, to be played in Paris. With some key players, including former English soccer player Capt. John Colby (Michael Caine), the team has a good shot at winning the game … but that could foil a plan. Also starring Sly Stallone.
Goal! "The Dream Begins" (DVD) - 2005 PG13 - For as long as Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) can remember, he's had a passion for playing soccer, a pastime his father wishes he'd give up. But when British scout Glen Foy (Stephen Dillane) spies Santiago playing in an amateur match, Foy persuades him to come to England -- and the world soon takes notice. Some of the hottest stars from the world of football, including David Beckham and Zinédine Zidane, make cameos in this action-packed romp.
Goal! 2 "Living the Dream" (DVD) - 2006 PG13 - Kuno Becker reprises his role as rising soccer star Santiago Munez in the second installment of the Goal! trilogy, which features footballer David Beckham and most of the cast from the original film. After gaining skills and considerable prominence as part of the Newcastle United team, Santiago gets his big break when he's transferred to the Real Madrid soccer club. But more importantly, he's now closer than ever to playing for the World Cup.
The Miracle Match (DVD) - 2005 PG - Wes Bentley stars as Walter Bahr, the legendary American who was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, in part because of his role in the history-making game chronicled in this film. In 1950, the United States faced the esteemed team from England, known then as one of the best the sport had ever seen, in a heated race for the title in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In a classic David vs. Goliath scenario.
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